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Re: For the most part, agreed.

Doug Brown wrote:

Too expensive, just wait 6 months to a year when they will probably announce the new EPL or EM-5 successor. Olympus always trickles the newest sensor tech down to it's entry level fairly quickly.

But those cameras will be even smaller and have less buttons and no grip.

A lot of people have their shorts in a knot over the EVF.

I have nothing against an EVF and wouldn't have minded an E-7 with one - because at least I'd have two vastly more powerful batteries in the camera.

I've spent countless hours peering through the viewfinder in silence and without any movement, trying to shoot some animals and waiting for the right moment (though I'm not a birder and lack the proper lenses for it).

To be honest, I have no idea what three hours of constant peering through an EVF would do to the E-Mx batter(y/ies), but I wouldn't expect it to be pretty. Also, I can easily do 2500 shots with my E-3 and HLD-4, with a fair bit of chimping and not a lot of bursts. Can I do that with an E-Mx?

Secondly, there are so many ways in which even the E-M5 is head and shoulders better than your E3 (which I've owned and used previously) I don't know where to begin, but the most obvious is the 5 axis IS system.

Yeah, that thing is nice, but I don't really _need_ it, especially since a gripped E-3 is heavy enough to be rather steady. And if I go shooting in the dark, I have the PL 25/1.4, which doesn't even require me to go above ISO 800. I've also had decent 1s exposures with a 9-18, after a glass or two to steady my hand

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