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Re: For the most part, agreed.

Doug Brown wrote:

Two things;

A lot of people have their shorts in a knot over the EVF.
I'll tell you right now that there isn't a single person in this forum who's photography wouldn't be improved by using an EVF.  Unless your photography regularly requires you to catch a speeding bullet in mid-flight, the instant input and WYSIWYG view from an EVF is a major advantage in the vast majority of picture-taking circumstances.
I've been using one seriously for two years now with the micro cameras (and a couple Sony Alpha models).
Now, it's to the point where going back to a DSLR feels primitive, like a real step down after the EVF.
Years ago shooting film, and then shooting digital with instant preview on the rear LCD converted a lot of people right over to digital. Once you get used to shooting with an EVF it's the same. It just seems like a much more informed way of shooting. Less mistakes, fewer lost opportunities.

Secondly, there are so many ways in which even the E-M5 is head and shoulders better than your E3 (which I've owned and used previously) I don't know where to begin, but the most obvious is the 5 axis IS system.
Using the 5 axis IS system is like shooting with a steadycam. Like shooting with an invisible tripod all the time.
It is jaw-dropping what that thing can do.
You saw the part of the leaked engadget video where they put the camera on a bouncing platform and show the perfectly steady video output right beside it on a tablet? I've been in the room when they've demoed that and it's like black magic. It shouldn't be possible, but it really is happening.
That IS system is going to save more shots for you than any OVF ever will over the long haul.

Douglas Brown

From using the E-5 and E-M5 side by side for various situations, there are times when each is better. For field sports I shoot long exclusively with the E-5 and near the sidelines with the E-M5. Part of that is system lenses and part is AF response and the different blackout characteristics of the OVF and EVF. For indoor and evening settings, there comes a time when available light drops to a point I simply put the E-5 away and continue with the E-M5 exclusively. One no longer functions while the other does.

I would be nice, and best for photographers, if both paths remained viable. I think at this point we see that the E-series is no longer, because Oly simply doesn't have resources to back both. Everybody is left to decide his/her path going forward. From a purely speculative position I'll guess Oly will now concentrate on fleshing out their advanced µ4/3 lens portfolio and cease the 4/3 lens line entirely. Some downsized long, fast primes with real-time CAF will have folks saying "what E-system?"

Canikon gear leaves me unmoved. Bleah. If I were to get serious about sports (I only do it because of my kid) I'd consider the Sony route as it becomes more mature, as I think they've got the dlsr thing sorted out the best, having no multi-decade mountain of legacy gear to hold them back (Minolta doesn't really count).

Now, back to your regularly scheduled garment-rending.



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