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Re: Stillness...

Stephent, a really lovely shot and if I have to look it over and over again, you could say there is someting wrong but I don't know what... or you could say, it is so lovely to look at, I probably can't do anything to improve it. I will choose for the last option. However to give it a slight more swamp feeling I couldn't hold myself back. So I have done some slight work on the light and dark parts as it has to got a tiny bit more in balans, Anyway that is just personal. I made a seperate layer from the top to blend it in, so the lighter parts still hold it own color and I've used some burn tools and blendings. It's all just a tiny bit. Stephent this prove will be removed within five days. You may think or say everyting about it.



stephent wrote:

No talk of a new camera here, just a calm morning of reflection.



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