What is advantage and disadvantage between X-trans vs Bayer array

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Re: What is advantage and disadvantage between X-trans vs Bayer array

Randy Benter wrote:

bowportes wrote:

So I'm going to ask you (or anyone else here) a question: What in-camera JPEG settings on an XP1 or XE1 would achieve the most "film-like" (non-digitally sharpened) looking images? Should the Sharp setting be at -2? Should Noise be the same? I had tried these settings for a while, but found the JPEG noise to be excessive (for my tastes) at 1600 and 3200 ISO. So Noise is now set to 0. For awhile I had also set Sharp to +1, but found that completely smooth background areas were developing fine digital "grain" as a consequence. That setting has been returned to Sharp 0.

So I return to my question... Do you believe I would achieve the most natural (i.e. non-digital) sharpness with Sharp -2 and Noise -2, or is Sharp 0 / Noise 0 the most neutral setting?

I think this is very much a matter of personal preference. I recommend shooting test images with all the various settings, then comparing the images side-by-side with some of your favorite film images to see which settings produce the results you desire.

I was interested in the opinion (personal preference) of others who strive for a filmic (non-digitally sharpened look), thinking they might have tips for settings / combos to try.

Relatedly, does Sharp -2 simply turn off all sharpening, leaving me closest to the sharpness of the Optic in front of the sensor, or does it introduce a certain amount of blur/fuzziness, with Sharp 0 being more neutral?

All the sharp settings add sharpness to the image. The lowest setting (-2) adds the least amount of sharpening. So -2 is the most neutral setting.


Finally, would the answer depend in part upon the "film" selection? Does Astia, for example, sharpen more than Provia irrespective of the Sharp setting?

The film emulation only affects the color profile and the tone curve (contrast). It does not affect the sharpening.

I would have thought so, but then I wonder why some descriptions of Color Neg (standard) and Provia claim that they offer the "greatest level of detail, without specifying "detail in highlights" or "in shadows".

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