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Re: Eisenhower's original choice of term

boggis the cat wrote:

Werderano wrote:

I would like to share some infos with you about another big lobbygroup, Eisenhower named them MIC.

We know that the oil/gasindustry, wallstreet, monsanto can directly influence the legislative but who are the lobbiists from the military industry complex?

I have heard of one group at first after 9/11, the second time as i was surching more infos about Snowden and the last as i was reading an articel about „Elysium“. It´s one word that makes this movie more interesting, so have a short read if you haven´t heard anything about it.

The story is not so far away from the reality, but coming back to the MIC.

If you didn´t noticed the keyword, you will hear it at the end of this short video:

The second part with more information about this group.

Read the entire wikiarticel and followup at least the links to United Defense and BoozAllenHamilton for more information.

So what do you think, had Eisenhower such a group in mind and was he right? Or is this only a conspirancytheory?

(If this group is well known, sorry if i have stolen your time. But i thought it could be interesting.)

One point that you may be overlooking that is, I think, extremely important. Eisenhower originally used the term "military industrial congressional complex". He was pressured (or convinced, if you prefer) to remove "congressional".

You are right and thank you for this clarification. I missed the "congressional".. and thought Eisenhower meant also private buisnesses like Carlyle Group that could direct influence the congress and the president.

Eisenhower watched the MIC develop for the war effort then rapidly grow out of control, subsuming rational national interests of the USA at a political and industrial level. This is a nation that was once against having a standing army (a professional military) and is now almost entirely consumed by the war industry.

(Subtract 'financial services' from the GNP to get the real economy, then look at how much of the real economy is geared to war. The USA outspends every other nation combined in military expenditure largely due to a simple fact: what other industry is there?)

Yes, the rest is well known.

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