Should I switch from Pro1 to M1?

Started Sep 11, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: Should I switch from Pro1 to M1?

Ok - let me give you the background....before I bought the pro1 I had bought the x10.  I liked this but the quality was good but not exceptional.  Its hung around on my shelf for a year and I'm currently selling it on ebay, and have actually bought an M1 now and am waiting for it to arrive.

Ok - so - the M1 is really a replacement of the x10 I have - i.e. light and the same pro1 sensor, fantastic, I can put it in my pocket and it can come everywhere with me.  But then I got to thinking, its the same sensor as my pro1, so are the features I like on the pro1 good engouh to justify keeping it.  I could sell it for around £550 on ebay and that can go to my future fund.

My no1 priority is IQ - so for me the pro1 pretty much equals the M1...yes, I love my pro1 and I'm hoping I'll love the M1.  If I had one single criticism of the pro1 is I cannot get it in my trouser pocket !

X-E1 is not an option because its still too big, and micro 4/3 isn't really an option now I have the lenses I want for the X range...I think the IQ on the x-trans is better than the 4/3rds...

So I just wanted to get a feel for what others though about the M1 in case I do something rash and sell the pro1 without using the M1 enough !

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