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Re: You can't expect to get something for nothing...

Raist3d wrote:

kuaimen wrote:

Raist3d wrote:

I mostly agree with you (90%+). What I want to add to remind everyone liking 4/3rds a lot and thinking "Olympus betrayed them" is to consider this-

Either Olympus continued pouring cash over a black hole (4/3rds) or look for their best chance for camera system survival while continuing innovating *and* providing an upgrade path to the 4/3rds owner.

Those are really the two options. The worst case would have been complete abandonment with no more support than the current adapters out there.

What good is to release an E-7 and continuing pouring cash on 4/3rds lens development and production if it will make for a big financial risk for the camera division? Would you rather have NO Olympus cameras vs what they are doing now?

It will be interesting to see how the AF really handles for 4/3rds lenses particularly in lower light levels (E-3/E-5 were rated to focus at -2EV), but that said, this is a great camera that goes back to the unique selling proposition that 4/3rds originally put on the table (small size *and* high quality lenses), while giving the current 4/3rds owner a path to continue using their lenses with the very latest Olympus camera / sensor technology they have at their disposal.

Seriously, I think it is a great outcome.

I think this is great - one little body, two little lens (12-40, 40-150) and it's all I need for 99% of all I can think of doing. Well, apparently, I don't do much.

Once I have those three things, I am certain I will find things that are painfully lacking (again) and I will need (read "want") more things. But before that time comes, it all looks great.

The thing is, $1399 really, really, really sucks. Bad Olympus!!! Maybe I should wait another year to get the poor man's version for $499.

You can't expect something for nothing. This camera is built at the semi-pro/pro level. You can't have this for $499, it's really that simple.

That's why I need to wait for the poor man's version - I am no pro, not even semi pro. If I am even 1/8 of a semipro, considering the price of 35mm FF DSLRs today, I most likely will not get this little thing for my 1/8 semipro job assignments But that's just me.

For my personal use, a poor man's version selling for $499 would be good enough usage wise. However, being greedy, I could have bought this one for anything less than $1200. But $1399 certainly helps me "realize" that I actually do not need it.

Come on folks. Olympus is not going to crack the pro/semipro market with this little thing. Not in many years. I think it's for people "seriously" into picture taking, yet not necessarily need to make a good living out of it. So their main targeting market is not the ones who can write it off as business expense. Frankly speaking, they should use the momentum (of people wanting smaller, lighter cameras that can perform reasonably) and a comfortable price gap to draw people away from FF DSLR.

Business makes "better" money off people who want something, not need something. I need a $499 camera, but I want a $1000 camera. If they priced it around that range, Oly gets my business. With $1399 price tag, Oly most likely won't. Well, unless I get some extra money somehow

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