DPR Says If Coming From E-3/5 You'll Be Dissapointed In Focusing

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time to take a dose of reality pill X 2

And upon that also. wouldn't Oly be better off investing the time, money and effort in developing lens that are just as well performing as the best HG and SHG deliver, speed, optical quality, build and then all.

The sensor design with that build onto chip PDAF pretty much tell, right. remember the days when all the saying is CDAF will match PDAF and without its disadvantage and with CDAF they can even be more precise. Well what now we have PDAF on chip and not only for working with old lens. Sony, Canon, Nikon, and now Panny and Oly also. I wager it just reflect how much limited the AF mechanism are within the current tech know -how and constraints.

Applying that to the E-M1 and we may say, simply put, just return such result and shall not or really should not surprise.

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