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Wondering ...

Well, for the most part I do agree, this is indeed the best Oly had to provide so far, but M4/3 is not Oly alone, and am looking at GX-7 and in particular GH-3 and I must say. Oly need to address their price and feature set matrix a bit better. No less the Video part. The E-M1 acttually was not that great a Video platform, not the least its price reflect.

I wonder how the sensor perform , against the older 16MP and against the like of GH-3 and GX-7 ( both still and video ) and so far as all the news indicate, there is marginal difference between them but I say Its too early to tell. One thing though, the GH-3 will simply trump both its sibling and the Oly in Video capability, and its current price is a real positive bonus. No less also its just as well build.

Between them all, the GH-3, the GX-7 and the E-M1 I think that represent the best of the breed in and among the M4/3, but sadly I think it need a real GX-1 replacement in similar size and form factor too, might be even a tag slimmer.

I am sure many are wondering how well the MMF-3 +E-M1 actually work Af with 4/3 lens. But this individual think its secondary to it all. Cause for real, only those who are already in procession of the top end 4/3 lens can benefit and this population is relatively small and declining. And I would instead look to see how Panny and Oly fulfill M4/3 by providing lens that perform just as well ( speed, optics and AF ) that are native M4/3 instead.

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