Travel Lens Kit Philosophy

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Re: 3rd opinion

whoosh1 wrote:

flattersplatter wrote:

whoosh1 wrote:

Guess what - as a bonus to great pictures - lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks :-).

Was that the weight of the camera gear that got nicked?

:-). OK - the actual weight loss was due to carrying the reasonably big cameras/lenses (one camera with wide zoom and another with tele zoom) while hiking around on glaciers, etc. Due to the black rapid strap - it did not feel uncomfortable or slow me down. But I guess without the cameras I would have still lost - say 5-7 lbs due to the walking around.

I think that all that this shows is that it's horses for courses. If I'm traveling in the US in an SUV, I'm going to feel more comfortable carting around my collection of anvils than I would if I was hoofing it on foot in Marrakesh or Rome.

True - if I was on a vacation in Rome or even NYC where I needed to walk - I would carry a lot less. However I did do a vacation in NYC couple of years ago where I had a DX camera + 12-24 f/4 zoom and another DX camera with Tokina 50-135 f/2.8 tele. Then if I was not using the backpack - I would hand off one of the cameras to my wife or son (who was around 8 at that time but wanting to take a few pictures). Even that was fairly comfortable. The trick is really how you carry stuff - if its made comfortable to carry most of the heavy equipment does not feel so heavy.

I can definitely see how a two zoom (wide/tele) set-up can work great with two bodies, but would that same kit be as useful if you only had one body.  Would you be swapping too often for those in between situations?

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