DPR Says If Coming From E-3/5 You'll Be Dissapointed In Focusing

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time to take a dose of reality pill

Look, the technological challenge is great to try and get a m4/3 camera to focus as quickly with 4/3 glass as a 4/3 camera.  It really is wishful thinking they were going to be able to accomplish such a feat.  Did you really expect Olympus to say "it's going to take us a few generations to achieve this"?  I'm a Canon guy, so I'm no Oly apologist.  But, on the one hand we have apologists here saying 'nope, can't be.  Only reviews that tell me Oly's latest camera is the best invention since the internal combustion engine can be trusted" and on the other we have people dismayed that "Oly lied".  News flash - that's marketing.  Every company lies.  The problem was, you listened with your heart instead of your head.

Your head should have told you it was going to take a few generations to get it closer.  In reality, Oly should have bit the bullet and forced a change.  They didn't - they chose a different path to "one beautiful system".  OK.  Knowing that, you as the consumer have to realize that is going to take a few generations of cameras to achieve.

The fact that it appears to be greatly improved is a positive.  I think you were unrealistic to expect that it would have closed the gap completely.

Good on DPR for being honest - pointing out that it is much better but being clear that for people in your situation it's still not as good as you want it to be.

It's unfortunate other posters feel that DPR must be dishonest or have an agenda because the review did not proclaim the new camera to be the end-all-be-all.  Such people can always wait for Popular Photography to review it.  Then they'll likely get the review they want.

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