Need a compact travel zoom, dyzzing choices. Recommendations?

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Re: Need a compact travel zoom, dyzzing choices. Recommendations?

I checked out the LF1 and it does look to be an impressive camera. There's not a direct 1/1.7 versus 1/2.7 comparison I could find and the camera I'm coming from has a 20x optical that I use fully at both ends nearly every time I pick it up. I'm willing to drop down to a 15x or 12x, but even for the larger chip, dropping down to a 7x is just taking too much away.
I've also been looking at the Fuji F900EXR and F800EXR. As the camera is primarily used for around the house and family jaunts to the zoo, etc, the ability to "repurpose" a high pixel chip to provide better images at a lower 8MP resolution (which is fine for family stuff IMHO) is appealing to me. But I want to investigate it a bit further. While the F800 is less expensive and has almost complete feature parity with the F900, anyone who has tried to take pictures of kids knows how important fast startup and focusing is. So I'd be leaning to the F900.

THere's a nice special on the Canon SX230, but at this point, it seems to be more dated technology, especially with only 1080p24, so the only enticements are that it's Canon- so all my years using Canon compacts would get me up to speed quick, and it's under $100 refurbished right now. The F900EXR is three times that cost. The question I need to ask myself, is it three times better.

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