Dilemma: A99 vs new Olympus E-M1

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realq86 Junior Member • Posts: 38
Had the E-M5 +12-35 and A99 + 85 1.4

I returned the A99.

In my month long with the A99, it did not produce a better image.  Maybe at ridiculous irrelevant ISO of 25k.

With the above combo, the A99 with the Zeiss did NOT produce a BETTER picture.  It produced a larger picture that allowed me to crop a bit, but at pixel level there was no noise advantage.

The A99 was not better in low light because FF max sharpness is down to f8, while the m4/3 can do it at f5.6.

At f2.8 the 12-35 was much sharper than the Zeiss at f2.8.

With consideration of dof the m4/3 was actually more useful indoors.  At f2.8 the m4/3 had useful enough dof, while the FF needed to stop down a bit more to achieve the same useable portraits.  Which means the A99 needed to be shot at higher ISO than the E-M5 for the same shot.

I don't print very large YET, so for the moment the A99 holds no advantage over the E-M5 other than better AF-C, and a bit more reach with crop.

Due to the weight difference I found I couldn't shoot as steady on the A99 as on the E-M5.  I had to shoot few stops faster shutter speed, which again lost more light.

The FF advantage is not what marketers make it out to be, its an advantage really reserved for very selected people who really need that bigger image.

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