DPR Says If Coming From E-3/5 You'll Be Dissapointed In Focusing

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Re: Question Doug?

Thanks Doug I've had a day to cool down a little now, if there is one thing that would get me to buy a couple EM-1's it's fast focusing of the 14-35.

One big concern I have now is the camera only having one memory slot. I was wondering that with the new wifi ability, can you instantly transfer on the fly to your IPad or Android tablet, this could give you a second storage of your files in case of memory card failure?

Correct, but check the max. file size that can be transferred before depending on that option. On the E-P5 it's limited to something like 6 megapixels (I don't really use this feature much)

I think the wifi option is more directed towards quick social media posting - a valid professional application these days, but not the secondary storage you're looking for. Not sure if the E-M1 works the same way as the E-P5 though. At the preview we just glossed right over this feature - there was a lot to absorb in a short amount of time.

Having said that, I've never had a shoot ruined by memory card failure, and I shoot aprox. a hundred thousand frames per year.
Twice I've had shutter failure interrupt a shoot, but never a card problem. Doesn't mean it can't happen, just that it's probably pretty rare in my experience.

Douglas Brown

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