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Re: E-M1 - my take

Doug Brown wrote:

It'll do low light, bad weather, long hiking excursions, street shooting, portraiture, photojournalism, travel photography ... other than sports, I think it's just about ideal for everything else.

Olympus seem to be implying that it has better C-AF than the E-5.

The range of tasks this camera can take on is really quite a spectrum. Throw in decent video performance as well - maybe you're not going to film a Hollywood epic with it, and video geeks might argue differently, but the E-M1 is certainly up to the standard of most reportage gigs.

Video... Not so much.

More than half of the world uses a mains frequency of 50 Hz. This means we have lighting that flickers at 50 Hz. Shoot video at 30p under 50 Hz lighting and you get strobing. We need 25p. (You can also see it in the EVF, which is also locked at refresh rates of 60 Hz multiples.)

Also, about the 29 minute recording time limit. This is to avoid Europe's tax on video cameras. The same Europe that uses 50 Hz mains. So they crippled video for the half of the market where their choice of settings makes sense in order to avoid an extra couple percent duty. (Genius of 'senior executive' level here.  They should move into 'investment banking'.)

So they dropped the ball on video again for somewhere between half and their entire market, and the EVF is also sub-optimal.

Like I said -- video... Not so much.

It's IED-proof construction exudes quality and durability with more than a little E1 / E3 / E5 DNA built in. It's performance is at or exceeding the specs for a lot of pro cameras, and it all comes in a form factor that's still quite small and portable without being cramped or uncomfortable.

With the two PRO zooms and a few prime lenses it's a media photographer's dream cam.

The 12-40 f/2 is lacking at the tele end, IMO. The 12-50 is too short compared to the 12-60, so this will be a lot more restricting. I realise it is a compromise, and it is an improvement over Panasonic's choice of 12-35, but it doesn't replace the ZD 12-60.

And you can start right away with just the camera for now if you have 4/3's lenses, then add the mZuikos over time to compliment the larger legacy lenses, or when you want to cut down the load.

It's a very exciting announcement. As I've said before, this isn't just a camera announcement, it's the unveiling of a whole pro eco-system in one go.
A very tough, very capable camera, 22 superb 4/3 lenses, a road map for future pro mZuikos and the use of the smaller mZuiko primes and zooms in the present.

This is going to cover most of what most people realistically need for the foreseeable future, in a camera that's going to last over the long haul.

Yes, generally agree.

Can Olympus be pushed on the 30p business? That is a really stupid oversight that they still have not corrected.

(And yes, I know it affects the readout timing on the sensor, required gain and processing etc. Life is tough for engineers, eh. Other companies can provide the correct specification for their customers, so Olympus needs to step up.)

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