Should I switch from Pro1 to M1?

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Re: Should I switch from Pro1 to M1?

ggsphoto wrote:

I would like to replace my pro1 with an m1 for size reasons but would miss pro-neg lo and hi. Anyone know

a) taking an astia shot how to turn it into pro-neg hi or low in post processing (or do you know if they will be available in a firmware upgrade in the future ?

b) Not so sure I'dmiss the viewfinder, in bright light I hear the lcd can be turned up at the expense of clipped highlights (doesn't sound so bad)

c) no switch for manua/c/s focus switching.

Articulated lcd is a big plus, I miss this from my oly c5050z

Anyone migrated from pro-1 to m-1 and like to share the experience ?


Three months ago you referred to your pro1 as a "dream camera" with much to master. Now you are considering downgrading to a lower tier in the Fuji lineup.

I'm sure you're aware that Astia, Pro-neg, etc. are simply digital filters to render different JPEGs from the same raw data. The only way I know that you might get Pro-Neg look from an X-M1 is to shoot raw + JPEG, hang on to your XP1, insert the card from your X-M1 into your X-P1, and re-convert the raw file to the Pro-Neg look. Short of that, you can play with settings now by shooting Raw+JPEG (Pro-Neg) with your XP1, and then attempting to PP the raw file until you achieve the look given by your OOC Pro-Neg JPEG. Once you have arrived at those settings, they could be applied to any X-M1 raw file.

If you want to achieve a Pro-Neg JPEG look from the X-M1, a raw file would be a much better beginning point than an OOC Astia JPEG.

I expect that few have "migrated" from the top-of-the-line Pro-1 to the bottom-of-the-line M-1, even though some have certainly picked up an M-1 as a smaller companion to their Pro-1.

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