SLR+ long lens v Bridge camera

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Re: SLR+ long lens v Bridge camera

Verulanium wrote:


I have an A65 and my longest lens is a Minolta 100-300 or a manual focus 500mm mirror lens.

I am looking at getting a longer AF lens for bird/animal pictures etc. I am on a limited budget so would be looking at something like a Sigma 150-500.

Just wondering if I would get better results with a Bridge camera with a 1000mm+ lens, a Fuji HS50 or Sony HX300 etc.

Anyone with practical experience of similar systems?



I have the HX300 & just recently purchased the A58 and use Sony 55-300 lens. Normally, the A58 produces higher quality jpeg images, but not always.  If by better results, you mean higher image quality(pro level), I think the Sigma 150-500 would be better, but I haven't used that lens so cannot definitely answer your question.  I think most high zoom cameras of similar sensor size produce images of about the same quality, but might give the edge to the Panny FZ200(24x) due to the constant 2.8 aperture and RAW availablity(HX300 is jpeg only).

I can tell you that you'll be frustrated at first over how slow bridge cameras function compared to SLT's.  Bridge cameras advantages are size, focal length range, cost and video capabilities.

Best of luck with your decision.  If you want, browse some of my images on Flickr. They'll give you an idea of the image quality, but probably won't help you make up your mind. I bought the A58/lens off ebay, but it was a tough search/wait to find equipment at a low price and you take a risk buying used stuff.

Hope this helps.

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