Licensing a portion of a video I made

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Re: Licensing a portion of a video I made

Richard Weisgrau wrote:

Avoid the term "one time" when referring to commercial video. Better to be specific about the application like "in a single commercial video to be used for a __ week period in __ media, etc."

No way to suggest a price without info on duration of and geographic distribution of the commercial application as well as the full extent f media to be employed.

Richard Weisgrau

OK, fair enough point(s).

The duration of the "life" of the commercial using my time lapse clips will be about 45 days or so.

The geographic distribution will be around the greater Tampa/Clearwater area as part of an advertising campaign for a Clearwater Beach street painting event at the end of October.

The commercial is being produced for the Clearwater Beach Chamber of Commerce.

The request is to supply about 2 minutes of time lapse footage, of which just a few seconds will be chosen for inclusion in the commercial.

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