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Re: For the most part, agreed.

I mostly agree with you (90%+). What I want to add to remind everyone liking 4/3rds a lot and thinking "Olympus betrayed them" is to consider this-

Either Olympus continued pouring cash over a black hole (4/3rds) or look for their best chance for camera system survival while continuing innovating *and* providing an upgrade path to the 4/3rds owner.

Those are really the two options. The worst case would have been complete abandonment with no more support than the current adapters out there.

What good is to release an E-7 and continuing pouring cash on 4/3rds lens development and production if it will make for a big financial risk for the camera division? Would you rather have NO Olympus cameras vs what they are doing now?

It will be interesting to see how the AF really handles for 4/3rds lenses particularly in lower light levels (E-3/E-5 were rated to focus at -2EV), but that said, this is a great camera that goes back to the unique selling proposition that 4/3rds originally put on the table (small size *and* high quality lenses), while giving the current 4/3rds owner a path to continue using their lenses with the very latest Olympus camera / sensor technology they have at their disposal.

Seriously, I think it is a great outcome.

Anyone who thinks Olympus "betrayed" them is being shortsighted and self-absorbed. Betrayal is a conciius decision to violate a trust for selfish reasons. Olympus produced an E7 prototype, which means they had a plan to continue the E series. It didn't garner enough support during comparison testing to warrant going into production.

There is no betrayal. There is the simple fact that Olympus has, since the advent of m4/3 indicated that eventually the E seried would be discontinued. A few people, presuming yhey spoke for a greatet percentage of Olympus owners than they did, took a lot of Olympus's statements regarding 4/3 out of context, along with assuming thay Olympus "owed" them the camera they demanded.

Some who hoped for an E7 are expressing their reaction in reasonable ways. Others are acting like brats. In all cases, even among those who favor the EM1, are people who don't seem to grasp how a company goes about deciding how to develop and market a camera.

I have no doubt the the original concept for the EM1 was discussed when m4/3 first started development years ago, and it was a matter of the technology catching up to the concept. Nikon started conceptualizing the F2 around the same time they introduced the F. They even had some ads for the F2 stating it was 10 years in the making. So it would be no surprise to find that the EM1 may have been the goal of Olympus from the adoption of the 4/3 format.
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