What is advantage and disadvantage between X-trans vs Bayer array

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Re: X-Trans is Simply More Added Value, In Our Favor!


I don't have any evidence either way at the moment as I'm a brand new XE1 owner and I don't yet have a lens for it, so no pictures.

What I'm predicting based on the experience with other cameras that omit the AA filter (and examining samples shots from the likes of the Leica Monochrom) is that the xtrans CFA will do nothing to reduce luminance (uncoloured) aliasing caused by the absence of the AA filter.

Many people either don't see or even like these artefacts (they can make edges look crisper) but it's a kind of digital artefacting I'm not fond of.

Hopefully, other factors (shallow DOF, slight camera shake, diffraction, lens softness, avoiding very large prints etc) will help provide a little blurring and do the job of the usual AA filter so it won't be too much of an annoyance.

I'll report back my experience in due course.

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