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Re: What is wrong with this picture - Leica X Vario

Alleg1 wrote:

Just to repeat the point made by myself and many others is that the lens is correctly identified in the standard place on the front; it looks like your original post deliberately hides this.

I wonder why?

To tell you the truth, i didnt actually see it. There was no deliberate hiding.

As peevee1 has noted and illustrated, showing the FF equivalent on the barrel is not uncommon,

Well, it actually is still uncommon. I thank Peevee1 for showing us those other cameras, I did not know they existed. But they are still in the minority. All DSLR and Mirrorless cameras I know are not following that practice, yet.

It should also be pointed out that Both the Canon and the Fuji makes it clear on their FL marking that it is the 35mm equavilent. This is very different to what Leica is doing. the fuji even marks actual FL next to the 35mm equiv. There is absolutely nothing misleading about Fuji's conduct.

The only real offender here is the Panasonic, which probably would not come as a shock to anyone given their frequent corroboration with Leica. But it is sad to see they sink to this level. They did not use this type of misleading marking on FZ200.

and is clearly intended as a guide rather than to mislead.

You can say they are intended as a guide, but that is not mutually exclusive with being misleading.

It is very arguable that visually the markings on the barrels are more dominant then the markings at the front of the barrels, and therefore they are likely to mislead.

You can also easily imagine this scenario - someone who is new to photography and want to shoot birds comes to a camera shop. all he knows is the longer the lens the more magnification. sales person tells him that the canon 600 F4 lens is 10000 USD, but he can buy this Panasonic 20-1200mm for only 1000 USD. What is wrong with this picture?

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