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Re: What is wrong with this picture - Leica X Vario

ultimitsu wrote:

mjack101 wrote:

Leaving aside the litigious question (although NZ must have some pretty hard assed laws if this would qualify)

Australia's law is very similar, we copied them.

I would be surprised if UK does not have similar provision.

I think Leica are perfectly fine with what they have done. One of the benefits for me of the general Leica layout is that you can see aperture, shutter speed, focal length and focus distance/DOF at a glance and I think that seeing that focal length in FF equivalents makes the most sense.

Just because it "helps", does not mean it is not misleading, they are two very different issues.

Is it technically 100% accurate? Maybe, maybe not

It is not.

but I think for the people who will use this camera it will be not be misleading. After all who will use a £2,000 plus camera, either photography enthusiasts who will know the difference or the trophy girlfriends of wealthy guys who will neither know about nor care about the difference as long as it's a Leica and looks cute.

If that was a valid defence - that you are not liable because some customers will not be fooled and some customer do not care, then no company would ever be found liable for misleading or deceptive conduct. would you not agree?

The Leica legal team can sleep happily at night.

Leica probably cannot even afford a legal team. certainly not on in every Common Law country.

Just to repeat the point made by myself and many others is that the lens is correctly identified in the standard place on the front; it looks like your original post deliberately hides this.

I wonder why?

As peevee1 has noted and illustrated, showing the FF equivalent on the barrel is not uncommon, and is clearly intended as a guide rather than to mislead.

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