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3rd opinion

jonrobertp wrote:

leighton w wrote:

This is my philosophy. When I travel (which isn't very often) I want to record the time with the very best gear that I have, because I probably won't be back. To me, IQ is everything and I wouldn't trust my valuable visit with anything less. If this means I might have to "lug" some gear around then so be it.

Of course YMMV

Um, 2nd opinion. If I lug too much heavy gear around in a hot tiring climate, my day is damaged by the sore back, neck, feet. Damaged vacation vs cheaper images. I've changed to the 2nd. The lessor cams nowadays are a lot better than just 5 yrs ago. For example, I have a 20x30 print on my wall from the RX100...that is just fine if you don't rub your nose in the ink. I'm not against IQ, but not at any price. It is a reasoned-out choice we all make. One way or the other.

Um, 3rd opinion. Got back from a once in a lifetime Alaska trip - took the following D800, D800E, 16-35 f4, 24-70 f/2.8, 80-400 (new version) and 500mm f4. Most times the equipment was planned to be in the car except 16-35 mounted on D800E; 80-400 on D800 - with a black rapid double strap. With particular wildlife excursions - just the 500mm f4 on one of the cameras attached to a black rapid single strap.

Guess what - as a bonus to great pictures - lost 10 lbs  in 2 weeks :-). Also lost the obsessive desire that I used to have to travel as light as possible (earlier used to travel with 1-2 smallish primes like 20mm f/2.8).

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