Two FZ200 Questions

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Re: Two FZ200 Questions

GeraldW wrote:

Glad you went back to the FZ200. I did much the same thing. Be very careful with the hood. The ones on my FZ200's were VERY stiff to mount or dismount and I'm pretty sure that mounting and/or dismounting with the lens extended screwed up my first one. I fixed that with the current one by filing and sanding down the locking lugs until I had a positve lock; but with very little torque required to seat and unseat. In the meantime, don't mount/dismount, store/unstore the hood with the camera ON, unless yours needs low torque - some apparently do; but mine didn't. The FZ150 was perfect right out of the box, and served as my model for the feel on wanted on the 200.

Ditto, Jerry. My FZ150 was a better fit. Both FZ200s were stiff. But I never remove the hood, well have not as yet. The two bags I use hold the camera with hood in shooting position, just. Hmm .. I do plan to order a 52 mm Canon 500D close up lens. Installing that will require the mod you did,, so I may be back with another question if I can't dope out how to do the mod.

I swear my current one acts differently than the early one I had. I'd be very interested to see how you think your two compare.

Acts differently: In what way? I'm not seeing any diffs, but then I didn't recall about the size of the focus area resetting so ... . I'm at the age where too many brain cells are going bye-bye

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