Two FZ200 Questions

Started Sep 10, 2013 | Questions thread
RayUK Senior Member • Posts: 1,030
Re: Two FZ200 Questions

PC Wheeler wrote:

I like to use the single area focus, and the smallest area. Is there a way to keep the area from resetting when the camera is turned off then on? This may have been an issue with my first FZ200 (or not) but is not an issue with my GH3.

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This is something which also really annoys me. I guess that  most of us wanting to use the 1-area focus do so because we want the smallest possible focus area. But Panny obviously think using the default larger area is the norm. Please have a re-think Panny - the norm should be the smallest possible area, with the option of increasing it's size if wanted - but why would you?


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