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Re: Canon CPS-Gold Newport News

Stakeouttoo wrote:

I joined CPS Gold within the past 2 weeks .. got the 2 FREE Cleaning Coupons.. sent in my 60d and my 15-85 for Cleaning-ONLY to Newport News, Va Canon..both registered on the CPS site... here's the problem that developed..

1.. they cleaned the 60d for FREE.. sent me an email

2. they also sent me an email stating that there would be a $219 charge less 30% because they had to go 'inside' the 15-85 to clean it... I called and wanted it explained.. they did a 'soft-shoe' and 'tap dance' and 'spin' on it.. I asked for a Supervisor to talk to.. she was reading her notes--very obvious-- as she said she had no idea what the tech had to do.. all I said was I wanted it CLEANED.. she said that the Free Coupon didn't involve opening up the 15-85 to go inside to clean it... more spin... this became laughable and she would not budge.. she told me to read the FAQ's.. and it said complete cleaning... not to just 'clean the outside' and wipe it down... NOT NICE.. disappointed in Canon Repair and with CPS-Gold.. I of course DECLINED the service to my 15-85 and just had them send it back to me UNCLEANED..

here's the FAQ's that she referred me to...

What service is covered under the Free Clean & Check Coupons?

Clean & Check Coupons provide a complete cleaning of the camera or lens (including image sensor cleaning), tightening of any loose parts, and operational function check. If it is determined that additional service is required, you will be contacted with the details.

EMAIL from Canon on my 15-85

Canon U.S.A Inc.
Canon Factory Service Center
12022 Canon Blvd.
Newport News, VA 23606
Outside of the U.S., call:
Track to pay for your repair at

EF-S 15-85 3.5-5.6 IS USM

Repair ID Number:
Purchase Order Number:
Received Date:
Model Name :
Serial Number:
Sep 03, 2013

CPS Gold ID :
We have received your equipment for evaluation and repair. The estimate below is based on our initial examination. We will begin the necessary repairs upon
your approval and receipt of payment. You can expect the repairs to be completed and shipped back to you within approximately 3 business days* from the
date we receive your approval and payment. Please respond to this estimate promptly to avoid having your equipment returned unrepaired.
Any damage due to liquid, sand, corrosion, battery leakage, or accidental damage is specifically excluded from warranty coverage. In the unlikely event that
any internal or external damage is found due to any of the above mentioned conditions, a revised estimate will be sent for your authorization.
The Canon U.S.A., Inc. Repair Facility may repair your equipment or exchange it for refurbished equipment of the same model, or for new or refurbished
equipment of an equivalent model to your equipment, with the same or additional features. Recovered, manufactured, repaired and/or recycled parts may be
used in connection with such repair.
To make a credit card payment, please visit us at www.usa.canon.com/repair or contact us at the toll free number listed above. If you would like to pay by
check or money order, please send a copy of this repair estimate along with your remittance to the Canon U.S.A., Inc. Repair Facility address listed above.
Email is not a secure form of communication. Please do not send your credit card number or other personal or account information via
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you!
Excessive internal dust. Clean internally, calibrate, check all functions, repair to good working order. Internal cleaning not covered by clean/check benefits.
CPS Gold discount applied. Payment received, thank you.
Description of Problem/Symptoms
Accessories Received
Front Lens Cap, Rear Lens Cap
Out Of Warranty Standard Labor Charge $219.00 1 $219.00
CPS Gold Labor (30%) 1 $65.70 ($65.70)
CPS Gold Shipping / Handling (100%) 1 $23.00 ($23.00)
Standard Overnight Shipping & Handling $23.00 1 $23.00
BALANCE $153.30
PARTS $0.00
* Actual Times May Vary. Seasonal Volume or repairs requiring special parts may add more time.
Notice: Canon reserves the right to dispose of products which have been submitted to Canon for repair, but which remain unclaimed after Canon has sent a
final notification to the customer that the repair has been completed or that such repair cannot be performed.
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That's just plain wrong.

Why would anyone send a lens into a service center to have the outside wiped off?

There is nothing in the FAQ that indicates that internal cleaning of the lens is not included. You didn't take it to a Color Run did you? (How to Ruin Your (or Our) Gear in 5 Minutes (Without Water))

I would suggest you try contacting CPS directly, at other than that service center. Hopefully someone will step up and act appropriately.

edit: I'd try calling this number and asking for a supervisor right off. 1 (888) CPS - 4540

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