Is it time (unfortunately) to separate this forum into 2 forums?

Started Sep 10, 2013 | Polls thread
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Ben Herrmann
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Is it time (unfortunately) to separate this forum into 2 forums?

Hello all:

Initially, when they created this micro 4/3 forum, I had naively assumed that folks involved with the m4/3 format would be unified - meaning, that we would look at Olympus and Panasonic achievements as sort of a "brother-Sister" relationship, working towards one goal.

As time evolved however, it became obvious that the friction (arguments) will continue between many Oly and Panny users - which is a shame really.  To me, personally, Panny and Oly complement one another.  To at times observe the fanboyism between the two brands can be disconcerting at best, especially in light of both brands trying to achieve the same ends.

But now, in IMO, I believe that it's going to be necessary to once again separate the forms - simply into both a an Olympus Mirrorless forum and a Panasonic Mirrorless forum.  Add to this the fact that I believe the number of posters on this forum will soon increase as more regular 4/3 users will now be migrating to micro 4/3 and this forum will become swamped to say the least.

Which do you prefer?

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Keep the status quo - let the bickering continue.
39.5% 179  votes
Split the this forum into a separate Olympus Mirrorless Forum and a separate Panasonic Mirrorless Forum.
23.8% 108  votes
Why even bring this up - Yo Momma!
36.6% 166  votes
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