Sony Alpha NEX-6 camera apps SDK/API

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Re: Sony Alpha NEX-6 camera apps SDK/API

JurijTurnsek wrote:

Lets not forget that Jobs almost didn't let apps be a part of the iPhone in the first place ... just goes to show how short-sighed these companies are.

Judging by the Magic Lantern for Canon, this is largely due to the incredible added value to old hardware, which would make selling new devices all the more challenging.

If Sony somehow found it in their hearts to embrace community contributions and offer their full support, they would really stand out from the pack. Imagine Magic Lantern RAW video getting developed for Sony NEX line with official support from Sony. Mind boggles

If you can show numbers to back that claim then most probably Sony would release the SDK. But you can't? The problem with your statement is that it isn't backed or can not be proven to be true. I'm not saying that i too would love for Sony to open up and release a SDK but they are a company that uses numbers to guide their decisions and lets face it -- we at dpreview are very few if you compare to the total amount of buyers. It stands to reason that they make more money selling to the masses then to cater for the few.

I don't want to be that guy but hey... Please prove me wrong.

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