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Thanks Charles.

CharlesB58 wrote:

CollBaxter wrote:

There are going to be a lot of these type of pro and con threads around for awhile. This is my point of view.

Before I get jumped on . I have looked at all the stuff after I had a shower and got dressed ( Read below) and this looks like a wonderful camera in most aspects and a great upgrade for those who find it fills their section of the pond.

Thank you DPR for your preview and for being candid about the auto focus of the E-M1on 4/3 lenses. They brought to the fore exactly what I was looking for as regards the comparison before we all got gear lust and plonked some money down. Some see it differently , I see it as a service to their readers buy informing them that there might be dragons depending on your requirements. For the people coming from a E-5xx/6xx system it will probably be a great advancement. Please keep in mind that this camera is toted as a E-5 replacement which should mean its better in all departments.

There will be the others that say read this blog or read this review or that. As to competency. The preview is one of the most comprehensive I have seen on this site a near mini review. The testers on this site must have tens of cameras through their hands per year and they know what a camera should do. What came out strongly is if you expect E-3/5/30 AF well you are not going to get it with 4/3 lenses on this camera. DPR where never that enamored with the E-3/5 focus to start off with so read between the lines.

I read the pre view scanning for the AF part and found what I wanted or did not want to find. I stopped reading and went and had a shower and got dressed for work. I then read the rest of the stuff and was very impressed with the other assets of this camera.

Gear lust , want needs are going to be the driving factor around here for awhile. And that is why I thank DPR for being candid , I and a few others will not be jumping at this kit due to their findings for awhile other than maybe some others jumping to a different ship. The focus thing is my issue to others it's not going to be a issue which can't be sorted out with a bit of nip and tuck so this can be seen as a bit of hot air.

I will probably be told to bugger of else where but that would not be the first rime.

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Collin, I know you are in a tough situation because of your primary subject interest and personal preferences, and that you just invested in that G.A.S. inducing 90-250. I know you genuinely want Olympus to succeed in providing a camera that will let you make the most of your investment in lenses while keeping up with the best functional and IQ capabilities.

They used a single, preproduction EM1 so we have no idea whether the firmware was functioning optimally. I suspect that could be why DPR says the AF is not up to DLSR speed and accuracy, yet other people who have tested the camera say it is. Time and the release firmware will tell.

So I for one will not tell you to bugger off for having doubts about the EM1. From what you have said, even if the focus is acceptable, the EVF may still present reason for you to doubt. That is of course another aspect of the camera that people who need a certain viewfinder image, or may frequently shoot high speed burst sequences, to be concerned about.

Thanks Charles .

I have realized that Olympus is on another path again. I accepted that I would have to come to terms with an EVF eventually. I have now come to realize that I might have to sit out this round and hope that their might be something down the line. I sat out the E-3 as I though it was not that much of a upgrade from the E-520 . I went for the E-30 fortunately.

The AF statement by DPR is a bit crushing , yes I can concede that it might not be as bad as suggested. What most wanted are not the words a '"bit disappointed" but "ecstatic" . I also noticed how the E-M1 has been hobbled with the use of 4/3 lenses. No option to drive them in CDAF mode even if you wanted to. MF in video mode. etc. Its as if the message is we will look after you a bit this time around but you better change to m4/3 lenses. I also even a question if they will even bother to enhance the 4/3 lens operation in the next iteration or even support it at all.

As I said before I wondered if we were going to get crumbs , a slice , or a loaf. At this moment it looks like a crumbly slice well to me any way . Well I still have the 4/3 cameras with a fair amount of clicks on them and I will wait.

As to the 90-250 . Two things came up one was the excellent price (Which is becoming less excellent monthly due to repair costs. )  . The other most important thing was I needed it. My sample of the bigma and the 50-200 with EC's are excellent but both of those lenses have serious bokhe problems or the lack of decent bokhe . More like brutal and busy. The 90-250 gives me that separation I need ( When it does not back focus) . So it would be nice to have a new 16mp sensor etc. I hoped for that in a E-7 which dose not appear to be on the cards any more.

We will have to wait and see. I can't afford to change systems I will get to know my current stuff better.

Oh yes and then the puny battery thing.

Thanks for the encouragement.

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(Aficionado Olympus DSLR )
Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. (George Carlin)
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