DPR Says If Coming From E-3/5 You'll Be Dissapointed In Focusing

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Re: Wait, what?!!!!

Doug Brown wrote:

There will be no E7.

They protoyped an E7, sent around to a group of pros and enthusiast photographers to compare with E-M1, and the E-M1 won the face-off convincingly. Plans to produce an E7 were cancelled at that point.

The shutter has the E-P5's finesse about it. Very quiet and a pleasant sound. I shoot people with the E-P5 and they are barely aware I've pressed the shutter release.

Douglas Brown

Thanks for the update Doug. I suspected such would be the case (it's a standard practice when developing two product lines). That's why I made my post pointing out how most the the 2013 Olympus Visionaries use primarily m4/3 gear. These are just the sort of pros that Olympus would hand both prototypes to and ask them to provide detailed feedback as to which camera they preferred, and why.

From my earliest involvement in photography, I've known cameras,especially any aspiring to "pro" status, were developed with considerable input from pros and experienced photographers. I knew a pro who was involved in prototype evaluation of the Nikon F3. He said that Nikon originally intended the camera to have multiple auto exposure modes a la the Canon A-1, and most pros disliked the idea. Many were even reticent over the F3 having aperture priority AE. Nikon pros back then tended to be rather conservative.

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