Why no image stabilizer in X systems

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Re: Why no image stabilizer in X systems

Zoom lenses generally go to the longer focal length where IOS is a great assist. But with Fuji's prime lenses, where the maximum apertures are 1.8 or larger, you have the choice of using a faster shutter speed to negate camera shake. As a long time amateur photographer who grew up before OIS shooting images without worrying about a little camera shake, I learned that you set your shutter speed to at least twice the focal length, such as 50mm lens @ 1/100 sec. You hold the camera with both hands, bracing your arms or elbows against your body. You frame, exhale and then shoot. That will work with any reasonable focal length. For more than 100mm lenses, the old fashioned way was to use a tripod. Now with OIS, that is no longer necessary. That is why most manufacturers that use in lens OIS, it is not included in wide angle lenses, even some wide angle zoom lenses, but almost all of them include OIS for zooms that exceed 50mm for APSC and smaller formats. However, even some lens makers will add OIS to even wide lenses as a sales gimmick for those who must have the latest technology and don't mind paying the extra cash for this feature that may not even be necessary. I'm sure that if Fuji ever makes an X system prime lens 100mm or more, it will have OIS.

So steady up and enjoy your Fuji prime lenses without OIS.

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