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JiminDenver wrote:

With no C-af with 4/3s lenses and a lag in the EVF, static shots are about it. I can get those with my 8080 on a tripod.

Actually I was able to do moving subjects with the 8080 and even the OM-G by focusing on a point and when the subject came by and racking off as many shots as I could. Hopefully one came out.

So I guess that's what a Pro fashion photographer with a 35-100 will do as the model comes down the catwalk. Either that or leave that wonderful piece of glass home and buy their NEW lens that will C-af but is no match for the lens they already spent thousand on.

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That does seem to be the problem.

When Im actually shooting horses with a camera, its important that I capture the horses feet in just the right position...

I can do it 8 out of 10 shots using any one of my DSLR cameras.

1 out of 25 is the best I've been able to do with an M4/3 camera because of the evf lag.

"spray and pray" will get me about 1 out of 5 plus 40 or 50 shots to delete fr every 5 tries.

Not satisfactory.

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