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Re: Reinhard Wagner on Oly-e dot conclusion

dingenus wrote:

Larry, no panic,

Just read on Oly-e dot de in German a answer from Reinhard Wagner on his forum about this. Here in my translation;

I've tried it with the 150, and the 35-100 and Bigma. And in direct comparison to my e-5 the AF of the E-M1 is more accurate, the C-AF outclasses the E-5 and the normal S-AF, it all depends where the (actual focus) setting of the lens is , which of the two cameras is faster. Overall, the S-AF is also a kick faster than in the E-5th.

All of this can be true and it doesnt do a thing about EVF lag.

There will be lag in an EVF simply because you cant get electrons to move through a circuit faster than the speed of light!

Since the viewer cant show you what is happening RIGHT! NOW! some forms of action photography are darn near impossible.

Im not talking "shutter lag" Im talking "viewer lag".

Lag in the EVF needs to be miniscule, and constant, NOT varying with the light level. So far this has not been accomplished with an EVF.

"Spray and pray" will work "sometimes" and not work other times. Results are too variable to be counted on.

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