Adobe Cloud. Against monthly subs?

Started Sep 5, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Adobe Cloud. Against monthly subs?

I am interested to know if people feel more strongly about the subscription model itself or about the pricing?

This petition seems to only address the subs model so in theory the petitioners would be happy if Adobe cancelled the rental but re-introduced purchase prices at the equivalent higher level? I am guessing probably not.

I think that if Adobe reduced the rental price (and guaranteed that level for a period of say three or four years) then people would forget about the subs model and be pretty happy with it.

Like most things these days it all really comes down to price (objective) and our individual assessment of the value (subjective) that this product at this price provides each of us.

I have done that personal assessment and until the price increases significantly I am happy with the current arrangement and am using PS CC very happily. I totally understand those who do their own assessment and conclude differently.

It does look like Adobe have been listening though with the new PS+LR subs plan announced recently.

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