Need a compact travel zoom, dyzzing choices. Recommendations?

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Re: Need a compact travel zoom, dyzzing choices. Recommendations?

I would think there was a travel zoom roundup, but I haven't found a recent one. The choices are pretty dyzzing. I'd like WiFi so I can access images with my phone, which can't zoom, etc. I'm not looking for filters, or superzoom, and if the lens stops down to f8 with a 20x I think that sort of defeats the purpose.
I've had Panny compact Point & Shoot sin the past but after one screen got cracked internally without a single ding or scratch on the camera, and the replacement got dust on the inside of the lens glass, I have shied away from them- scared of the build quality.
We tried a Nikon and I thought it was aweful. IQ sucked. That was about 6 months ago. THere was also a Sony about 2 years ago, it was okay, and the multi-shot night mode was impressive, but overall I was not really impressed with the images. I have have used Canon consumer cameras for about the last 10 years but have no problem moving to another camera if the IQ warrants it.

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