The Advantages of DR400 vs DR200 vs DR100 - High Contrast Scene

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Re: The Advantages of DR400 vs DR200 vs DR100 - High Contrast Scene

Trevor G wrote:

David Rosser wrote:

1) Select RAW only not RAW + jpeg

I'm not sure that it matters...

I think it does if you want complete control of RAW, it seemed that if you set RAW + jpeg  you have to be very careful what your jpeg settings are as these dominate.

2) Set DR to DR100 not any other setting. Interesting point: if you set ISO100 and RAW only you can only choose between DR100 and AUTO but if you choose ISO200 you can choose between DR100, DR200 and AUTO.

That's normal behaviour - that's what I have been saying and is in all literature on the subject

Other lessons I have learned are that loss of sharpness due to diffraction makes f/11 virtually unusable.

Not sure I agree. On a landscape (such as my railways station platform shots) I have run f10 and the control lights in the distance are pin sharp. Check it out - look for the sharp red dots.

However, we know that anything above f5.6 will definitely show the effects of diffraction on fine detail close up, compared to f4, for example.

Another strange point I have one picture showing noticeable barrel distortion in RawDigger that is not nearly so noticeable in Lightroom 5 yet there is no lens profile in Lightroom - mysterious.

The lens profile is in ACR I believe. ACR is the foundation of Lightroom's -

It's not listed and I have latest versions of both Light room and Camera Raw but I will double check.  Whatever is happening distortion is pleasingly low.

One further point analysing the data in RawDigger indicates that there is not much point in going faster than ISO 200 when shooting RAW only. If you need ISO 800  shoot at ISO200 and dial in -2EV exposure compensation followed by processing in Light room and boosting the exposure there by 2EV should give same or better result.  That's the theory anyway - I have not checked it yet so I may be wrong.

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