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I used to travel solo with an SLR and then a DSLR. Later on in life, I traveled with my family and learned that if you travel with kids, they just won't wait while you indulge your hobby with the passion you used to...... (You also wind up carrying half their junk too.) Eventually I concluded that as much as I still enjoyed photography, lugging the kit (case, camera, standard zoom, WA and tele lenses and sometimes a small tripod) through every airport, plane, taxi, hotel, bus, restaurant, museum and public toilet for six weeks was a total and utter PITA when all I really wanted was memories of time with my wife and kids.

As this idea evolved, I reduced to a smaller DSLR with one wide to short tele zoom only. And then a good compact only, but didn't like it. Once large sensor compacts came out, I switched to a G1X, and never went back to a DSLR for travel. I get IQ that I can barely discern from my APSC DSLR with a zoom and which more than caters for prints up to 8X10 if I even need one that big. Do I miss the DSLR? Yes, on occasion, but not as often as a I thought I would. The other thing that I really started to appreciate was that it freed me up to enjoy the moment with the kids rather than following the urge to take photographs of them enjoying the moment.

There's a nice freedom in having a small all-in-one camera. There's little temptation to develop a system (that tends to get bigger). And a DSLR kit is a target for theft, and freedom from concerns about that lightens the experience.

What would I do if travelling and buying today? I still don't take my DSLR unless I know absolutely that I need its capabilities. I'd consider a G1X or a camera like it, or a mirror-less, only because I'd like to have an EVF over the tunnel finder and "real" controls on the lens for zooming and manual focus.

Enjoy whatever you choose.

Cheers, Rod

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