Silent and Cool Hard Drives ?

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Silent and Cool Hard Drives ?

Why no really silent Hard drives ? I know hard drives have spinning disks , and I know these spinning disks have air friction and that this creates heat .

But Why doesn't some really smart engineer created a really cool running and really quiet running hard drive "

even if it had to be smaller and have large heat sinks and only 500GB it might be better than the best SSD now available , at least much less costly .

Has anyone ever heard something about this possibility .

Considering the memory size of new hard drives , it seems that it should be possible to use smaller disks with much reduced disk diameters that could compete with SSD technology .

The air friction would be reduced with smaller disk diameters , reducing heat and noise .

And their could be quiet fans producing smaller airflow to work with smaller heat output of these smaller drives .

This matters because the noise was really a huge nerve strain when I used my HHD systems .

I had to turn the radio up to very high volume just to understand the speech , and this would start My room mate yelling at me because I used the computer while she slept at night .

It also seems that a smaller disk diameter would have a longer life before going belly up .

My only complaints for SSD storage is the cost , and it acts a little crazy some times . They have had no life time advantage as I expected , I have had two die since I started using them also .

That isn't really a great cost savings over any hard drive , but I have read that lifespan of SSD storage will be much improved in the new devices . But I would like to see that really happen before forking out another hundred for a new one .

My external HHD 2 TB storage WD green are very quiet but the metal cases do get pretty warm . This makes me limit the time of use to small time intervals when they get too warm .

Hope this isn't too boring for everyone .

What do you think ?


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