DPR Says If Coming From E-3/5 You'll Be Dissapointed In Focusing

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Re: Wait, what?!!!!

CharlesB58 wrote:

dave gaines wrote:

I just logged in to see the news. I feel your pain Darrell. I'm empathetic to your cause. I feel betrayed. Some day soon I'll have 10 excellent HG and SHG lenses to sell.

Only a fool or the insane would buy into another system from Olympus and expect a different end game.

Why didn't Raist3d, CharlesB58 and the others warn us?

OK, W- T - F. What you mean I didn't warn you? I did. Hell all along. Were you so denialist that you completely blocked out what I have been saying all along? Take some responsibility for yourself!

I said 4/3rds was dead for a while. Or you mean specifically 4/3rds AF on m4/3rds?

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I think Dave is being facetious as a few of us have expressed our doubts about continuing th E line.

On the other hand a couple of the reviewers state that there is an E7 on the way, while others say there isn't. So right now I think we have to slog through yet more vagueries and balderdash.

The EM1 is a much hoped for camera for me (though lack of a silent electronic shutter is a disappointment and apparently focus peaking may not work with legacy lenses), but I respect that it is not a best solution for everyone.

But then I've never said it would be.
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There will be no E7.

They protoyped an E7, sent around to a group of pros and enthusiast photographers to compare with E-M1, and the E-M1 won the face-off convincingly. Plans to produce an E7 were cancelled at that point.

The shutter has the E-P5's finesse about it. Very quiet and a pleasant sound. I shoot people with the E-P5 and they are barely aware I've pressed the shutter release.

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