E-M1 has faster autofocus than E-5

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Hands on ....

Skeeterbytes wrote:

I was kind of intrigued by this, which is the first mention I've seen of either.

Also Olympus is working on the next two lenses of M. Zuiko PRO category. They are a wide-angle zoom lens and a super telephoto lens. Focal lengths and availability are not announced yet.

A super-tele is something µ4/3 users have been shrieking for, for years. First image of the 40-150 looks nice, too.

Somehow, given DPR's "meh" on autofocus speed with 4/3 lenses, I'm ever-so slightly more inclined to believe we'll see another E body. Who knows?



I too have used it hands on and the E-M1 is as fast as an E5, or so close to as fast as an E5 that the difference isn't worth talking about.
DPR are out to lunch with that 'live view' comment. The E-M1 is much, much better than any live view DSLR I've ever used. Far better than any Olympus camera you may have used in live view. There just isn't any comparison.

I was susing it with the 4/3's 14-35mm f2 lens in dim lighting indoors. This is a lens that has a reputation for twitchy AF performance and I found I couldn't make it miss. Dark shadows, reflective surfaces, close to distant, distant to close, it just did the job.

I told them I was buying one right after that : )

By the end of the demo I told them I wanted two of them.

Pekka's comments are closer to the truth regarding AF.

Douglas Brown

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