DPR Says If Coming From E-3/5 You'll Be Dissapointed In Focusing

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Re: DPR Says If Coming From E-3/5 You'll Be Dissapointed In Focusing

CollBaxter wrote:

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Ulfric M Douglas wrote:

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Hmmm this doesn't match up with everything else we've heard does it. ...

Focusing is supposed to be similar to live view which I just really happen to pay attention to while shooting last night at the fair, fast but no cigar.


Personally I'm very impressed as the PD-AF focus speed looks dramatically better than ANY DSLR live-view focus, EVER.

How does the Sony SLT thingamabobs do regarding AF ? I know that the SLT tech effects high ISO but I haven't really seen many reports re AF. Basing a claim on being better than DSLR live view is not really saying much

I played with a A99 for a while. Focus seems ok which means I did not miss much as you only notice things you miss . I did not like the viewfinder though. There should be no difference between live view on the back screen or shooting through the EVF. Actually the viewfinder has a higher density.

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Thanks Collin I am still in the OVF is best camp but I do appreciate the advantages of an EVF .I think maybe the jump to mirroless came before the critical tech such as very high quality EVF and especially AF got up to scratch. People bemoan Nikon and Canon for not delivering high end APS/FF mirrorless but I think that while DSLR models are still vastly outselling mirrorless { 84% of cameras shipped from Japan in the first 6 months of this year} they have no reason to rush and when they do get round to it all the tech will be in situ, it has been an expensive journey through camera bodies in mFT for many to get up to a decent level.


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