Adobe Cloud. Against monthly subs?

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Re: Adobe Cloud. Against monthly subs?

ericN2 wrote:

JulesJ wrote:

ericN2 wrote:

Votes on paper type of thing are and have always been a total utter waste of time. NOBODY takes any real notice - they may make noises of some sort in a kind of acknowledgment but NOTHING ever gets done or changed.

Well, best you never state a view to anyone then. I have always spoken out against what i think is wrong, as have millions over history and changed many things for the better.

But buy taking your (non) stance, you can never complain about anything.

Jules -

Of course you do ... you complain by NOT buying.. I'd like to bet that avoidance of a product by NON-sales has had far more effect,

Wrong. The company need to know why!

more often, than just a vocal (or written , which is worse) method of expressing your feelings. The beauty of it is that there are many alternatives in this case..

There aren't. Although there are others, no photography processing programme is as good as PS.

indeed Adobe is by means in the same controlling position as they were in years ago.. other excellent products are being sold and used and Adobe now really has a competitive world to live in.

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