the D4x is coming.

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Nikonrumors update Re: the D4x is coming.

KnightPhoto2 wrote:

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KnightPhoto2 wrote:

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Still no news ......

Yeah, what are we waiting for? I guess Nikon is waiting for Thom Hogan's vacation to be over

So this fall Nikon needs to announce:





Wonder if Nikon can get to be that nimble?

Drop the first 2.

I think even Thom indicates the D4X is simply a halo product. E.g. the highest (54mp) MP studio 35mm camera in the world. 8 grand and all the bells and whistles. Important for Nikon to demonstrate the top 35mm product in the world.

I'll gladly drop the D400 if Nikon substitutes a semi-pro Nikon 2 DX mirrorless that shoots at 15fps, has on-sensor PDAF, does 60fps with fixed focus, etc.

Nikonrumors just updated the possible releases. D5300 and D610 seem firm, D4x possibly delayed if ever. No mention about a D400. Nikon seems to have decided to have the D7xxx/D6xx pairing for APS-C/FF for enthusiasts, a high pixeled compact FF-line (D8xx) and the fast pro FF line. The pro Dn00 APS-C line seems to have been discontinued.

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