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Re: Travel Lens Kit Philosophy

RBFresno wrote:

Jeff Klofft wrote:

Whenever I travel with my camera and want to take a smaller DSLR kit, I seem to always face the dilemma: do I take something simple like a superzoom (and maybe a small wide lens or wide-zoom) or something like a wide-zoom paired with a tele-zoom (and maybe a small 50). With the former I give up some quality for convenience and few lens changes but at the cost of image quality. With the other set, it’s just the opposite.

Now I know that sometimes the destination makes this choice obvious, but all things being equal, I’d be curious to know what everyone else does. Thanks.

Hi Jeff!

I tend to error on the side of taking the most equipment I can for the occasion without slowing me down, and usually err on the side of what is going to give me the best images.

I am a bit equipment-limited for having light travel options, in that I tend to have a few high IQ lenses (is 6 or 7 lenses " a few"?), and if I want to travel light, it means primes rather than a slower zoom which I don't own.

For instance, I have a 24-70, but not a lighter 24-85.

And I don't have any FX zooms over 3x, such as the 24-120VR, or 38-300VR or even the 80-400VR (less than half the weight of the 200-400VR that I have heavily used!).

Maybe as I get older and my eyes are less critical, my back weaker, and a few less marbles rolling around in my head, I might buy a few wider range zooms. I can see where it might be nice traveling with a 24-120 and 80-400. Right now, I'm a sucker for high IQ lenses.

Some folks are happy with their iPhones. Others will look at the output from their 500VR and curse the fact that they don't have a 600VR.


Hey RB,

Long time.  My "few" is a approaching 13 :-0!  Like you I have the 2.8 zooms, but I've been adding the f/4 zooms over time and find them to be an nice addition.  I sold my 200-400, to fund my f/1.4 collection and am happy with that decision.  I do miss having something out to 400 and am thinking about the new 80-400.  I rented one and really liked it.

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