Travel Lens Kit Philosophy

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Ah yes, the old dilemma - IQ versus weight & inconvenience.

I'm in the same quandary myself right now, planning for a 3-week trip in Europe, mostly shore excursions on a cruise and always with friends. Certainly it means I won't be doing tripod work, setting up carefully, waiting for the right light and changing lenses.

I'm never climbing mountains when I travel, so I'm always inclined to take a backpack of gear with me, plus a waist bag to carry a subset when walking. That still can leave enough room (in the waistbag I have) for 'too much' gear, so I'm actively considering my alternatives.

I have three levels of solution already:

-DSLR and as much as will fit in the waist bag. The waist bag is the biggest one Thinktank makes, so I can certainly pack a good amount of gear in there - if I want to. I used to fit a D300 with grip, 12-24, 24-70, 80-400vr and 10.5 fisheye in there. Covered a lot of range. Now with a D800e, I have to make other choices as my 14-24 won't really fit, and the newer version of the 80-400 may not quite fit either.

I have 2 of the Thinktank waist bags are really like them too, but they are tight with the larger FX gear.

-V2 and 10-100vr lens, with small N5 flash and small 6.7-13mm zoom. This is definitely coming on every shore excursion, though I suspect it will be in my wife's hands instead of her D80 and 18-200vr.

I have an on and off relationship with my V2.  It's a really nice camera, but the RAW files just aren't quite as nice as either of my FX cameras.  I'm a bit spoiled I guess

-Canon s95 point-n-shoot. When portability is all-important, IQ is not, and the camera just needs to fit in a pocket.

My wife carries an AW110 (our take anywhere camera)

On the DSLR front, I have the three big F2.8 zooms. (14-24, 24-70 and 70-200). The question is really if I need anything more than the 24-70. And if I do, should I spend a lot of money on smaller F4 lenses just to have a slightly-more portable kit to carry. I've been considering a 24-120vr, and not warming much to the idea. I've also been considering carrying the 12-24 and shooting it in DX mode, but that doesn't give me a lot more width and seems hardly worth the effort.

Oh come on, it's only money

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