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Some other sources...

... have pointed out how good the AF is with 4/3 lenses. A couple quotes here:

"I had the opportunity to try an E-5 (itself no slouch at AF speeds) side by side against the E-M1 with the same lenses: I don’t see any difference in focusing speeds or ability to jump quickly and decisively to different subject distances. This is a huge bonus for legacy 4/3 system users: all your glass is now usable at normal speed again, and the new body is both more capable and smaller than the outgoing one. For M4/3 users, there may not be quite so much excitement about use of 4/3 lenses – until you start looking for high grade special purpose glass like the 50-200 SWD, 150/2, or the 90-250/2.8…"

"We tested the EM5 with both Micro Four Thirds lenses and Four Thirds lenses. We don’t really know all the technicalities of the autofocus, but somehow or another the Four Thirds lenses focus super quick–faster than they did on the E5. Micro Four Thirds lenses also focus quite fast. Part of this is due to Phase Detection AF in the camera.

Micro Four Thirds lenses will be able to use a larger area of focusing than Four Thirds lenses will be able to. For the most part, the Four Thirds lens focusing area is all in the center–just like a full frame DSLR.

In our uses with Four Thirds lenses, focusing in low light wasn’t so stellar–but we were shooting fireworks."

"I just HAD to give the new dual focus site system (both phase detect and contrast detect on the sensor) a run for its money so I spent a few hours with a friend and his E-5 and slew of 4/3 lenses to do a side by side comparison of focusing speeds and hit count. We picked some objects in his back yard to shoot. Things like bird houses, planters, and other stationary objects of varying size,shape, and color. Things that would be both easy and tough to get a focus on. Let me get off subject for one second. The 50-200mm SWD handled wonderfully on this NON-Gripped camera just so you know.

With the OM-D-E-M1 we both noticed (un-scientificaly) that it focused, get this, FASTER than with the E-5!! Again, no stopwatches or tools like that to measure down to the millisecond, but it was something we both felt was a noticeable speed difference. The same with the 4/3 50mm f/2 macro! The 12-60mm SWD seemed to be a draw. But something else to note, there were several times when we got a more accurate focus using the 50-200mm than with the E-5. Slight differences in depth at which focus was hit. Again, we weren’t trying to be DPReview or anything, just two guys who know their Olympus gear."

Until I actually see a video of the camera focusing with 4/3 glass I'm going to reserve judgment, however I'm erring more on the optimistic side of things.


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