Thank you DPR .

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Re: Thank you DPR .

Hi Col

As my previous post on why I did not regard this as the true E5 successor we were promised stated (And which drew vitriol from those effectively telling me to "get with the programme" or jump) there were issues that concerned me for my working conditions.

DP review has been up-front and cut to the chase on the AF issue which is why I sold one of the 2 EM-5's I bought and went back to the E5s. The EM-5 system simply could not perform as fast and reliably as the E5 and the SWD and the 300 or 150 primes. The key - and telling - phrase is that it is good "...for a live-view" system.

The added features of the EM-1 such as HDR, interval timer and the much vaunted EVF (which I still have an issue with after many months of trying to love the one on the EM-5) etc are advances but one of my other prime issues - that of power supply - still seems as valid as before. Only one battery in  the grip and no AA option according to the specs I have seen so far - happy to be corrected but this seems to be the state of play.

I shall wait for a touch and try with all my HG and SHG glass before making a final decision but - as things stand now on the feedback to date - the cigars have to stay in the box and the finger on the E-Bay listing draft that will herald the end of a 37 year relationship with Olympus if there is no upgrade path from the E5.

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