QX10/100 - who's getting one?

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Re: QX10/100 - who's getting one?

The problem, as i've said before, is that pairing the units and using WIFI is often quite slow.
And that lens is so large so that it would stand to reason that a RX100 or RX100 II would be a much better choice. Then you wouldn't have to fiddle around with your phone just to get a shot.

I mean... if you got a NEX like me try powering it on, connect and then take a picture vs just poweringen on and taking a picture. It's like 0,5-1 second vs 10 seconds.

So if they haven't fixed that lag it would just be too cumbersome and slow. It would also be way better to be able to use bluetooth since WIFI is known to cause horrible battery drain. Sure, you might not get 10 meters of range in every scenario with BT but at least you would have a device that still have power when you want to use it.

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