Sorry Nikon, i won't buy either!

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Sorry Nikon, i won't buy either!

My first attempt to replace the d200 was two years ago. Target was the -then new d7000. I failed and came home with a remote flash light instead. The flash was a great thing to buy. I learned a lot using it.
Since about two weeks I’m trying again. Decision to upgrade was made long ago, money allocated but no camera in sight.
Most of my lenses are fx and wide angle is on my todo list so Nikon has two cameras for me, both not what I want, both instead things Nikon wants me to have.

So let’s consider the d600 first.

- Dirt issue
I don’t care if I need to clean a sensor every two thousand shots. I already clean kids, kitchen, cars, house, etc etc so a little wet cleaning on top is not a big deal

- Plastic Body
Not a big deal either. The entry model must not interfere with the prestigious semi-pro and pro lines. That’s fine with me. I shot canon bodies in the 80s and 90s which were completely plastic none of them distorted all could produce quality pictures.

- Autofocus
This is a serious limitation. It will certainly affect my photography in a negative way. I will miss many shots of my kids and I won’t tolerate this. A decent AF module is already in the shelf and the decision to cripple the entry level fx model is purely strategically. There is no technical reason for this. .

- Flash sync speed
I already have hundreds of overexposed samples because 1/250 (@ISO100) is too slow. What did Nikon think when they are offering 1/200? Or should I simply not use a fill flash in bright sunlight any longer because the hard shadows in the faces are en vogue now? Or close the aperture to make my shots look like a mobile-phone photo?
This again is too serious a limitation to accept it. And again it is not a technical/cost constraint but rather a harsh way of crippling the entry model.

Verdict D600: A promising camera intentionally crippled beyond the acceptable. What a pity!

Ok, let’s stop moaning after so many years with the same camera, we can justify the expenses and take the d800 into consideration. Unfortunately the d800 is even less the camera that I ask for than the crippled d600. Why? I never asked for a resolution that would outperform my lenses by such a large margin. Which customer exactly did ask for 36mp in the first place? The sales person of my camera store told me he personally experiences autofocus problems with some d800s and the d800 in general would be an extremely capable camera, but not necessarily an easy and straight forward one to work with.

Whatever that means is not what I want.

The perception of value is not good for both, the d600 and the d800. It appears Nikons primary concern with the d800 is to establish a new ultra high resolution lenses line and to offer a solution for a problem that most people don't have. Therefore I will further delay the purchase. Even if it really starts to hurt (as you can see from this long post). I will not buy any piece of equipment that Nikon decided to release in order to shape the market. I will only buy equipment that suits my needs. Which means: Nothing for now.


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