What is wrong with this picture - Leica X Vario

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What is wrong with this picture - Leica X Vario

Sometime ago we had a discussion about whether it was misleading for DPR to state the equivalent FL in terms of FOV but not the equivalent aperture in terms of DOF and light gathered. Opinions were devided. Some say it is misleading or have the potential to be misleading, some disagree.

Well, L=ladies and gentlemen, Leica takes the whole thing to the next level. On the Leica X Vario, Leica dispense with actual FL altogether, it only prints the equivalent FL, and it doesn't even say it is equivalent.

Basically if you do not do any additional research, you would think this lens is actually 28-70 / 3.5-6.4. When in fact, it is a 18-46/3.5-6.4, and its true FF equivalent is 28-70/ 5.3-9.7.

This is a very clear conduct that is misleading or could mislead. It will be interesting to see if someone will take Leica to court. In New Zealand at the least, it is a sure win under section 9 of Consumer Guarantees Act.

What I do not want to see is for every other camera maker to follow this trend - everyone prints equivalent FL instead of real FL, and pretend that it is the real FL. Imagine your next smart phone - 24mm, F2.0.

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